Jargar strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Handmade is a word that is seldom used today in relation to strings yet Jargar still upholds the tradition in their home town of Copenhagen in Denmark. Skilled string makers attend with care, dedication and professional pride to produce the Jargar strings we know so well that produce a unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound

Jargar Violin strings

Jargar violin strings are chromesteel wound on steel, and come in three gauges: Dolce, Medium, and Forte. After fitting Jargar strings it is recommended not to immediately tune up to pitch, instead you should bring them up slowly over a few hours. Available for full-size violins only.

Jargar Viola strings

Jargar viola strings have been a long time favourite for violists possessing a powerful and robust tone. Available in Medium, Dolce and Forte gauges. Steel core with chrome winding.

Jargar Cello strings

Jargar cello chromesteel strings have a clear, bright response, with ample power and projection. Available as a set or individually, in Medium, Forte (heavy), or Dolce (soft) gauges and now in smaller sizes. New to the range are the A & D Superior with enhanced volume & power in 3 tensions.

Jargar Bass strings

Jargar bass strings are responsive, high tension orchestral strings. They have a steel rope core. Intended to be used as an orchestral string. For solo tuning, use light (dolce) gauge.

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